One of the most anticipated games in the gaming industry is the action/adventure title “The Last Of Us 2.” When it was revealed during PSX 2016, fans were ecstatic, and the upcoming sequel made headlines for several months. Most fans anticipated a possible announcement from Naughty Dog during E3 2017, however, no announcement was made.

Despite this, it seems that the title still excites fans and from their enthusiasm, it is almost as though they received breakthrough information about the game. At the end of the event, it was shared that the focus of the company was being placed on “Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.” Here is a rundown of the things that have been confirmed about the game.

Main character

The original game revolves around a paternal love that is both unflinching and unconditional. “The Last of Us 2” will center on the hatred that consumes Ellie. In this installment, the player will take the role of Ellie, contrasting the original game where players take the role of Joel. However, the character that fans will see will be very different from the character that they knew in the original title. In "Left Behind," fans saw Ellie as a girl full of wonder. It seems that Joel did something bad in the first title. In the reveal trailer released by Naughty Dog, it shows that Ellie is poised to possibly do something worse.

Five years after

The sequel will take place five years after the events in the original title.

In the trailer, it can be seen that humans did not do very well in the post-apocalyptic environment. Most likely, in the next years that followed, things went from bad to worse. If Ellie is shown in the trailer to have drastically changed, most definitely, so has everyone else. There are still a lot of questions that are unanswered at this point, including the presence of Bloaters.

What is certain is that the upcoming sequel will not be anything colorful and vibrant.

Old cast

Niel Druckmann will still be in the second game installment along with familiar names fans encountered in the first title. These include Ashley Johnson reprising Ellie’s role and Troy Baker taking the role of Joel. As for its music, Gustavo Santaolalla will still be in charge.

Fresh faces will be seen in “The Last of Us 2” and includes “Westworld's” Shannon Woodward although details about her role are still unknown. Halley Wegryn Gross will help to write the script of the upcoming action adventure title.