On September 26, Naughty Dog released a new poster for “The Last Of Us 2” in line with its fourth annual Outbreak Day celebration. Along with the new poster are new game merchandise and an exclusive PlayStation 4 theme based on the reveal trailer for the title. The developer also offered t-shirts printed with the title of the upcoming sequel.

Interestingly, with a fanbase hungry for new details about the highly anticipated title, several speculations about the new poster surfaced right after its announcement and release. To some fans, there is a hidden image in the poster that only eagle-eyes can see.

Hidden image

The new poster released by Naughty Dog for “The Last of Us 2” is now the topic of numerous discussions within the community. The poster depicts an arm that belongs to a man holding a rusty hammer. In the foreground is a stockpile of old and damaged cars. In the center, a fire consuming a car can be seen. Noticeably, the vegetation appears to have overgrown the cars and thick forest trees curtained the background.

According to the latest speculation, if one looks closely at the new poster, a hidden image of a wolf’s face can be seen. One will not notice it at first glance, but like the drawings furnished for psychological tests, if you focus your gaze on the text spelling out the title of the game you will notice that there is an image formed.

The ears of the wolf would be the two flames ascending to the trees. Its nose is the part where a single car is being consumed by the fire and its pair of eyes is parallel to the word THE.

Meaning of the image

Some fans believe that the arm holding the hammer in the latest poster belongs to Joel. If it is indeed Joel’s arm, then according to this theory the wolf in the image is representing Joel’s attitude in the upcoming sequel.

In several interpretations, the wolf represents trickery, deceit, or a stalking predator.

This speculation claims that the main character in the first game installment will be presented with a predator-like attitude. Some fans even think that he could play the part of an antagonist in the sequel. It is also possible that the wolf stands for the lone wolf.

A lonely being separated from Ellie and braving the dangers of life alone.

The wolf could also indicate a pack mentality developed within the story. It is possible that Joel and Ellie meet other survivors and Joel becomes their leader. For now, these are all speculations, and we can only check its accuracy when Naughty Dog finally releases the game.

The Last of Us: Part 2” is currently in development. The highly anticipated sequel will be released as an exclusive PlayStation 4 game.