"Super Mario Odyssey" launched today for the Switch and is the first full 3D Mario game to come out since 2010's "Super Mario Galaxy 2" for the Wii. Three new Amiibos came out along with the game. The game's plot revolves around Bowser capturing Princess Peach and forcing her to marry him, so the Amiibo have a wedding theme to them. The three that were released today are Mario in a white tux and top hat, Peach in a wedding dress, and Bowser in a Wedding Tux and top hat. Some stores have a 3-pack with all of them but you can also get them individually.

What do they do?

Once the tutorial level is over the option to use Amiibo is opened up. Once it's opened, all you have to do is hold right on the d-pad and you can scan them in. Youtuber Austin John Plays posted a video today explaining the functions of each Amiibo and gave an example of them in action. Here's a breakdown of what each Amiibo does:

Wedding Mario Amiibo

  • Once you scan it in during gameplay it gives you invincibility for a short period of time, just like when you get a star. This can be used as much as you want.
  • It gives you the option to scan in when Uncle Amiibo is unlocked after the main story moons are collected. He gives you hints at other moons to get.
  • It unlocks the Mario wedding costume to wear in-game. The costume can also be purchased once you reach a certain point in the game, as well as without the Amiibo.

Wedding Peach Amiibo

  • This one gives you additional hearts once scanned in during gameplay. You have three hearts normally but can find hearts with crowns on them to give you three additional hearts like in the galaxy games. It can also be used as much as you want.
  • This one does the same and gives hints using Uncle Amiibo.
  • It unlocks Peach's wedding dress for Mario to wear in-game and it looks amazingly ridiculous. It can also be purchased in-game later on.

Wedding Bowser Amiibo

  • The Bowser Amiibo shows a purple glow on-screen and reveals the location of one of the purple coins in the level. Each level has purple coins to collect so you can buy costumes specific to the level you're in. So, this one is very useful and can be used multiple times.
  • This one does the same with Uncle Amiibo and gives hints at moons.
  • It unlocks Bowser's wedding tux to wear in-game and also has a huge spiked back. You can also buy this one in-game.

Are they worth it?

Getting the 3-pack will cost $34.99 and getting them individually will cost $12.99. They absolutely aren't necessary to get through the game but they look great and they do help out some. Plus, owning a Bowser Amiibo in a wedding tux is kind of hard to pass up.