The Nintendo Switch is bringing the Japanese video game company back into the light. After the WiiU flopped just a few years ago, the Switch has brought a much improved system with some hot new releases. Just being released is the game that has been much anticipated since it took E3 2017 by storm, "Super Mario Odyssey."

Already the game is being praised by consumers and critics alike, and is even being called a game that makes buying a Switch worth it, according to Business Insider. It is a game that features Mario in a whole new universe that features a magical hat named "Cappy," dinosaurs, realistic human characters, flat 2D modes, and a lot more.

The most unique feature of the game is Mario's ability to take control of a number of characters and creatures by throwing Cappy on top of them.

Critical praise

When E3 presented a trailer for the game that has been in development since 2013, people were already interested in its potential. IGN voted "Mario Odyssey" both the Game of Show and best upcoming Ninendo Switch game. The trailer shown at E3 gave the audience a glimpse of the different worlds and costumes Mario wears in the game, as well as the Tyrannosaurus Rex, which Mario can control with Cappy. The video also featured the theme song of the game, "Jump Up, Super Star!"

Now released, the critics officially love it. gave the game a 10 while praising it for featuring new and original elements, calling it a "generational masterpiece." They also credited it with having good gameplay, while not being overly difficult, as some past Mario games such as "Super Mario Sunshine" and "Super Mario Galaxy" were known for having very difficult stages.

Business Insider talked about the presentation, saying, "[It] looks far better than it should on the Switch, a console that's not as powerful as its rivals." They compare it to the very successful "Super Mario 64" in having multiple open worlds, but mention how it greatly expands its features -- more than any previous Mario game.

According to the scores on, "Mario Odyssey" has more 10/10 scores from Nintendo Enthusiast, GameSpot, Nintendo Life, and TrueGaming. It is currently one of the highest rated Nintendo games of all-time.

Nintendo's benefit

Releasing a successful game like this, along with others, including "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild," "Splatoon 2," and "Mario Kart Deluxe," Nintendo is making a big splash again.

For a while their consoles like the Wii died out quickly because other rivals like Sony and Microsoft developed motion-control games with HD presentation and much higher rendering power.

The WiiU, which introduced HD graphics to Nintendo games, was marketed very poorly and that hurt them. The recent success of the Switch creates new competition, and with the holidays coming soon, Nintendo can benefit, both in terms of profit and popularity.