Princess Peach is one of the most famous Nintendo characters alongside other icons like Mario and Bowser. While she’s mostly known as the damsel in distress princess, Nintendo has been giving her a much more active role in recent games. The developers are trying to move away from her typical princess role for something much more conventional and robust. That said, could she be a playable character in the upcoming “Super Mario Odyssey?”

Tidbit on her role

The first “Super Mario Odyssey” review has just been released, with Edge magazine giving it a perfect 10/10 score.

The publication has also shared a few other details about the game, including Mario’s move sets and the other in-game activities, as per My Nintendo News. One exciting tidbit they shared was about Princess Peach, stating “Peach, for her part, is no damsel in distress and her role expands in the post-game, although not in the way you might expect.”

From what we know so far, she’s been kidnapped yet again by Bowser. This time, he plans on forcefully marrying her for some unknown reason. For Edge to say that she isn’t a damsel in distress means that there is more depth to her role that we don’t know about. They also implied that she has a bigger role in post-game which hints that she could be playable.

Her own ‘Cappy’

Nintendo recently tweeted some new information about the game, including Peach’s own headgear. Some of the game’s screenshots reveal that the princess has her own “Cappy” called Tiara. Fittingly enough, this headdress is Cappy’s little sister, hence why Mario and Cappy team up to save their respective loved one.

While we still know very little about Tiara, Cappy has the ability to capture foes. That said, maybe Tiara has the same powers, enabling Peach to capture objects or enemies as well. The idea isn’t farfetched, enforcing the speculation that Peach could be playable.

Amiibo feature

Nintendo is creating new amiibos based off of “Super Mario Odyssey” characters – specifically Mario, Peach, and Bowser in their wedding attire.

Each amiibo unlocks a specific thing in the game. If you use Mario’s amiibo, you can unlock his wedding outfit and wear it while exploring different worlds. Strangely enough, Peach’s wedding dress amiibo unlocks her wedding dress outfit. Since Peach already has an in-game model of her wearing the dress, it seems like that the amiibo bonus is for her. Moreover, it's also highly unlikely that Mario would wear Peach’s wedding dress when he has his own set of threads.