The latest addition to the Super Mario franchise titled 'Super Mario Odyssey' is set to launch on Friday, October 27, and it is expected to give the Nintendo Switch a boost in its sales. This comes after the unimpressive run for the Nintendo Wii U, the console preceding the Switch.

Positive reviews for 'Super Mario Odyssey'

Respected video game magazines such as Edge and Famitzu have given the game impressive review scores of 10/10 and 49/50 respectively. With just two months until the holiday season, things are looking up for Nintendo with the reviews indicating strong sales to come for the Japanese video game company especially in this time of the year when most video games are sold.

If the game is as successful as it is projected to be, it will cement the strong position of Nintendo. Things began looking positive for the company after the successful release of 'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild' in addition to the launch of the NES Mini and the SNES Mini consoles.

'Super Mario Odyssey' will also be available on a bundle coming with the Nintendo Switch console in the colors of Mario, the game's protagonist. The Switch has sold more than four million units in North America and Japan, and around the same number in Europe since March.

The Super Mario franchise is one of the best-selling video game series in history so it is no wonder why the series carries over to Nintendo's latest console.

'Super Mario Odyssey' will make use of the new features of the Switch including Joy-Con which will enable two players to play using one controller. A new ally for Mario named Cappy will also be introduced in the game. The character will help Mario jump higher to discover new locations.

E10+ rating from ESRB

Meanwhile, it is the first time in the history of the franchise that a Mario game gets an E10+ rating from the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB).

This implies that the game is only suitable for players aged ten and older. The E10+ rating is attributed to some themes, mild violence, and dialogues in 'Super Mario Odyssey' which did not fit an E rating. Additionally, the real world setting of the game could have influenced the decision of the ESRB. The game will be set in 'New Donk City' which is supposed to be a counterpart of New York City.

The game is set to be released on Friday, October 27, and will feature local multiplayer, allowing a second player to control Cappy, Mario's cap and new ally. Will you be buying the game come Friday?