Bungie announced this week that the launch of the Prestige Difficulty of the Leviathan Raid in “Destiny 2” will be delayed. This decision was made by the game developer after discovering a game-breaking bug in the challenging version of the raid. Players who are excited about this difficult version of the raid will have to wait for the developer to fix the exploit before finally experiencing it. Instead of the launch date scheduled today, the extra-challenging version will be available next week.

Game-breaking bug

The Emperor Calus fight in the Leviathan raid of “Destiny 2” has a bug.

The bug has been observed for quite some time. Players reported that they experienced being removed from the Throne Room. Although this issue has been a challenge for weapons, it somehow makes most encounters easy. In addition, this bug enables players to send additional team members to the Shadow Realm to create a higher Force of Will buff. The real challenge left is how to avoid enemies that spawn there and to kill the correct Psion in the Throne Room.

Other details

Players have known about this exploit for a while but it was only intensively shared several days ago. While the game-breaking exploit plays down the encounter, it definitely gives players additional time. For most fireteams, this is not worth more than a slightly easier experience.

Most gaming sites share the exploits so the game developer will be aware of the situation and roll out the necessary fixes.

This latest move from the game developer only shows that they are proactive in responding to issues like this. By delaying the launch of the Prestige Difficulty of the Leviathan Raid it shows how Bungie values integrity and fairness in the game.

They had previously done the same thing when a bug was found in Trials maps and in the subclasses.

Since the launch of the Prestige version is delayed, players can fix their eyes on the return of the popular PvE event dubbed the Iron Banner. The event will be overseen by Lord Saladin. It will go live at 2 AM Pacific Time on October 10.

The delayed Prestige Difficulty of the Leviathan Raid will launch on October 18 at 10 AM Pacific Time. Players can expect that the game developer will roll out a hotfix any time to fix the Calus cheese problem.

Destiny 2” is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The popular shared multi-shooter title from Bungie will be available on PC on October 24.