“Star Citizen” has been one of the most successful crowd-funded games today. Even though the game wasn't fully released yet, fans are still supporting its development team Cloud Imperium Games, in order provide more improvements to the game. Recently, Cloud Imperium Games released a new gameplay trailer for the game, which features a much better animation system, making the game more realistic than ever.

Features in the latest trailer

One of the main highlights of the gameplay trailer is the animation system. According to Cloud Imperium Games, they implemented a lot of animations when using different objects in the game.

They called it in the gameplay trailer as Usables, where players are required to perform different types of activities in order to activate a certain object. Cloud Imperium Games added this feature to bring a real-life experience in the game. The trailer also features a new NPC system, where they will decide their own animation in different types of situations.

Players can also remove different parts of the ship physically when they are repairing it, and bring it back again into the same spot where they removed the object. The company also shows that players can destroy their laptops by pouring a glass of water on its keyboard, which is a very realistic feature. Players can also interact with different objects while sitting in a table, as well as interact with the person beside them.

The trailer also shows that NPCs can react to different things around them. The NPCs will also interact with the character even if they are just walking. The company also confirmed that they are working on thousands of interactable objects. The company also revealed different types of animation on flushing a toilet.

Release date of the 3.0 update

The whole contents of the trailer are included in the upcoming 3.0 update. However, Cloud Imperium Games kept on delaying the release date of the 3.0 update. It is known that the company previously revealed that the release date of the 3.0 would be in August, then moved in September.

Today, Cloud Imperium Games are expecting that they will be able to release the big update this October, making the fans very excited.

Even though some fans are getting worried as the company has been delaying the release of the game for too long, it is worth the wait as the development team shows that they are always keeping in touch with its players.