October appears to be a promising month for “Pokemon Go” players. While Niantic Labs has not yet announced anything, many possible activities can happen this month. Meanwhile, the Legendary Raid in the popular augmented reality game is still ongoing. This month Legendary Beasts Raikou, Suicune, and Entei are on their second global rotations.

The Legendary Beasts were first introduced in the game in the late part of August. During that time, the Legendary Birds are scheduled to leave the game. To keep players immersed in the Gyms, the developer introduced the mythical beasts.

Legendary Raids

With the Legendary Beasts in their second rotation, “Pokemon Go” players will still enjoy the Legendary Raids this October. Players in North America and South America can start catching the fire-type legendary beast Entei. On the other hand, trainers in Asia and Australia can now capture the electric-type legendary monster Raikou. Players located in Africa and Europe can now catch the water-type legendary monster Suicune.

Gen 3 creatures

In addition to the Legendary Beasts, fans are anticipating the arrival of the Gen 3 pocket monsters in the game. In August, several data miners reported having found 135 Gen 3 type of pocket monsters in the APK metadata. Pocket monsters expected to be released first in the game includes the powerful Metagross, Groudon, and Salamance.

Other popular gen 3 creatures expected to arrive are Torchic and Sceptile.

Halloween event

Apart from the possibility of the third generation pocket monsters arriving is the potential of the Halloween event happening in the later part of October. Fans are expecting that the event would include ghost-type creatures with spawning rate.

Catching these ghost-type creatures could also reward players with double candy.


Currently, players are still enjoying the Equinox event in the popular augmented reality title. It was launched on September 22 and will run until October 3, 2017. Players will earn double Stardust in the event and the chance to hatch 2 KM eggs.

It also introduced the Super Incubator, which increases egg hatching by 1.5 times.

Ex Raid Pass

Niantic Labs is still sending out EX Raid Passes to selected “Pokemon Go” players across the globe. The developer is currently conducting field testing for its upcoming EX Raid Battle. This new type of raid is expected to exclusively feature Mewtwo and other rare pocket monsters. With the passes sent out to Europe and Asia, fans believe that the field testing will be extended and expanded.