BlizzCon 2017 is fast approaching and ahead of the Blizzard Entertainment special annual convention in November, the development team announced the latest news regarding the “Diablo” franchise. It appears, however, that while the update from the developer disappointed some fans, it also hints Diablo 4 might be in the cards.

In a post on the game’s official forum, the team confirmed in a message that fans should not expect any new announcement concerning the action-RPG series at the upcoming Blizzard convention.

No announcement at BlizzCon

The studio said that the "bad news" is intended as a heads-up for game enthusiasts who anticipate to hearing a fresh update regarding the “Diablo” series at the event.

Luckily enough, the game will still be on the show floor, and there will be two panels from the franchise for the attendees. Apparently, these would just be the things to expect from “Diablo” games at BlizzCon 2017.

Dev hints D4

On the other hand, the team also brought a tiny bit good news for the fans. Apart from Patch 2.6.1 being underway for release, it said that they are “hard at work on the future of Diablo” and what’s next for the series. While this might not be a confirmation, it does hint that “Diablo 4” is in the cards.

Earlier, speculations of D4 being in the works stemmed right from Blizzard’s careers page. Apparently, the studio has been looking for more people to specifically get involved in the development of more “Diablo” titles and help an unannounced project.

Fans’ reaction

On the same forum, some of the fans said that at first, they felt disappointed but also, they further commented that they appreciate the heads-up. They seemed to be excited to hear the team promising a bright future for their favorite hack and slash video game.

A fan named Mortred notably commented, “Thank you for letting us know.

I am already very excited for 2.6.1, it brings great balance to the game. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next.”

Patch 2.6.1

Talking of Patch 2.6.1, the development team has released the preliminary patch notes on Friday. The next update is currently on Public Test Realm (PTR) and it is expected to be available this month in time for the new season 12.

The incoming patch aims to introduce balance changes and it will be the strongest buff ever in the game. Seemingly, fans saw the addition of the Necromancer as the most powerful new class in June and other classes were trailing behind.

"Diablo 3" season 12 start date is expected on October 27, which falls on a Friday when a new season typically begins.