Today's gaming industry is filled with incredible VR Games. Some of them offer realistic gameplay, while some VR games feature intense combat systems. Playing in VR is a huge trend in gaming, making most of the VR gadgets and consoles very popular. There are a lot of VR games that players can try this year that offer the full potential of the realistic gaming experience. Here are the Top 3 virtual reality games that players should definitely not miss.


“Detached” is one of the most realistic VR games today. It is a sci-fi survival themed game where players explore the mysteries in the outer space.

The game features tons of difficult puzzles to solve. Players will unlock new features when solving different puzzles, such as the Airlock and bringing back the disabled transmitters in the space ship. The game features a real life outer space experience, where players can float after exiting the space ship. “Detached” also features vital status. Due to this, players should always keep an eye on the character's health. The sci-fi survival game also offers a massive open-world environment, where players can travel to different space stations.


“Gunheart” is one of the most popular VR action games today. It features an intense combat system, where players should kill waves of enemies. “Gunheart” also features a co-op mode, making it more fun and challenging.

Winning a game will reward players with lots of in-game cash, which can be spent on different items in the game, such as cosmetics, abilities, and weapons. Players can customize different parts in their characters, such as the face, ha, s and capes. The game offers a lot of weapons, which can also be upgraded. “Gunheart” also features Power Weapons, which one of the most popular features in the game.

‘Gorn VR’

“Gorn VR” is a violent arena brawler game. It features a primal style of gameplay, where players must swing their melee weapons to kill their opponent. Players can expect a bloody and horrific gameplay in “Gorn VR.” However, it is one of the most played VR games today as it brings a lot of excitement to players. The game features a PvP mode, where players must brawl against each other.

There are different ways to win in the game. First is to be defensive and focus on counter attacks, which is one of the most effective ways against AI enemies. The other way is to just rapidly swing the melee weapon, which will definitely hit the opponent.