Game company SEGA has released new information that gave details about “Sonic Forces’” newly released weapon called the Drill Wispon. This is one of the many other weapons that the customizable Hero Character can wield into battle to fight the evil minions of Dr. Eggman.

They also revealed a new stage called the Chemical Plant stage. This stage comprises of old dark buildings that are somehow filled with enemies of the hero group. The screenshots that came with the new information revealed how the new weapons called Wispons were used.

New Drill Wispon details revealed

The popular game company revealed the new Drill Wispon and its details that will appear in the upcoming video game. The Wispon is a combination of a regular weapon and several gadgets that the anti-Eggman resistance is using to battle against the evil doctor’s minions. This is actually an upgrade to a familiar weapon in another game title of the franchise, which is called the Color Powers that could use the power of the wisps.

The Drill Wispon can be charged up for a power-up and then released for a devastating attacking. Players can burst through the enemies in front of their characters with this charge up feature. With the powered charge, a drill punch can be seen and the characters will be moving at super speeds.

Other Wispon weapons with details

There were other Wispons that were showcased in the past that can be used by the Hero Characters in “Sonic Forces.” There are three other Wispons aside from the new one, which are the Burst Wispon, the Cube Wispon, and the Lightning Wispon.

The Cube Wispon can be used to freeze enemies, which can then be attacked again in with one hit.

The Lightning Wispon is an electric-type weapon that looks like a whip. The Burst Wispon looked like a flamethrower that can be used against different types of enemies.

Using Wispon changes difficulty

While the Wispon weapons cannot directly change the difficulty, players who are using these particular ones can make it easier or harder.

The Cube Wispon is a powerful weapon that can make the video game easier to play because of its freeze abilities. The Drill Wispon, on the other hand, is harder to master, which makes it more difficult to finish a stage.

Wispon can make characters move differently

The Wispon weapons can also be used for other purposes like moving around in stages. The Lightning Wispon propels the Hero Character into a lightning dash that is similar to Sonic’s Light Speed Dash. This will allow them to use the connected rings as a path to dash through the air.

The Drill Weapon can be used as a drill dash into the ground, and it can be used to climb walls. The Burst Wispon in “Sonic Forces” can be used like a rocket jump, which allows players a higher jump than the usual.

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