Nightfall Strikes in “Destiny 2” should be one of the toughest endgame experiences that players will have to overcome in the shared multi-shooter title. The game recommends at least 240 power level; however, it seems like very few players at the recommended level can get past the encounter successfully. Given the nature of the experience, the addition of the timer has given the players an extra challenge—particularly the fireteams. There are several times when the strike is easy. However, this week’s challenge can leave even the high-power-level gamers baffled.

How to cheese this week’s strike

The gaming world is a community of gamers sharing their ideas and discoveries about a particular game. Their experiences serve as a guide to other players who are still learning the game. While this week’s Nightfall Strike in “Destiny 2” is tough, hardcore players are still able to come up with efficient ways on how to move around the restrictions this week to maximize time.

Tips and tricks

This week, the time extension mechanic includes firing on the blue anomalies to augment time. Before starting the Nightfall Strike in order to be able to get maximum time, players can utilize the loading zones. To do this, load in the first area and shoot four anomalies to get an extra two minutes of time.

After that, go back to the patrol zone, go back and shoot the anomalies again.

Bungie restricts players from loading in and out of the no-respawn zone. The game developer intended this in order for the anomalies to continuously respawn. In time, the developer will roll out a patch, and this exploit will no longer be allowed in Nightfall Strike.

However, players can use this in order to easily surpass the encounter.

Other details

The Nightfall Strikes in Bungie’s second game installment are usually a hot topic of discussion in the community. Players would argue on the right mix of time extensions and modifiers that the developer has prepared. Without using the raid glitch in the tough strike, it appears that the challenge is so tough that only hardcore and skilled players can pass the Prestige version.

Several players at times would complain about it being unfair. For most players, the encounter in the Nightfall Strikes appears to be impossible at 240-power level. It is for this reason that Strike cheeses become popular in the community.

Destiny 2” is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users. The PC version of Bungie’s second game installment is slated to release on October 24.