Game developers Epic Games and People Can Fly have announced that the Horde Bash update will be coming soon on all platforms. It will add a new mode for players to try out, a new event, and more.

The game developers also revealed the patch notes for the latest update of the popular video game. It revealed several updates that fixed the accuracy of a weapon. It also fixed an issue when PlayStation 4 players logged in on their consoles.

Bash update coming soon

The game developers recently announced that the upcoming Horde Bash update will be coming this Oct.

5. It will add a new mode called Challenge the Horde Mode. It will also add the Scavenger Event, new heroes, new weapons, and more.

Challenge The Horde Mode details

Players will be starting in a staging area when they play this new mode. The good news is that they will have no issues with time because it will be unlimited. The bad news is that they will start with limited sources to build their own portable horde fort.

After creating the perfect fort for defenses, players can now exit the staging area, and then join up or create a party with up to three friends. When they go back to the battlefield, the fort will be ready right away for defending. They will get more resources and rewards as time passes in this Challenge The Horde mode in order to survive.

Scavenger Event details

The new update introduced a new event llama in “Fortnite.” Players who will join the new Scavenger Llamas will get the chance to acquire four new Heroes, two new Defenders, and nine awesome weapons. To have some Scavenger currency, they should play the new Challenge The Horde mode and complete some quests.

New Heroes emerge

The updated video game will also have the new Scavenger Heroes with their own unique set of perks. The update will also introduce more than 25 new progressions quests that have Scavenger tickets and more as rewards.

The Raider Soldier uses the shotgun in close quarter fights. The Ammo Harvest Outlander can give a supply of ammo for other Heroes.

The Trap Specialist Constructor boosts heroes with damage and durability. The final hero is the Energy Thief Ninja that uses energy in melee fights and can also leech that energy from enemies.

Patch 1.6.4 released

In other “Fortnite” related news, patch 1.6.4 was released recently to all platforms, and it fixed several issues of the game. One of the fixes was the Assault Rifle accuracy and weapon spread. Two other console-specific issues fixed a PS4 login issue that caused login failure, and a thread crash on Xbox One.

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