With the League of Legends 2017 World Championships coming to its climax, many players tend to admire the quality connections professional players have in their games -- and for good reason. Consider this situation: You are playing League of Legends and everything is going well, then out of nowhere you see your character sliding across the screen followed by a gray screen. Many players would probably blame their internet connection for their death. However, is the connection really an important factor? Riot games has developed a new tool to respond to this issue and help users find out whether their connection is really to blame for their inability to play correctly.

What does the Lag Report tool do?

According to the League of Legends news page, the Lag Report tool will give users a score based on the strength and quality of their connection. The tool will also show the average score for each individual internet service provider in the user's city. It will then go on to show the Internet Service Provider with the best connection in the area. If users feel inclined to improve their connection quality, they can access a support section that gives tips on how to decrease lag.

Tips on improving connection quality

According to Riot Games, these are some methods that can help decrease lag:

  • Using an ethernet cable can often improve internet speed dramatically and rule out issues that only arise from wireless connection.
  • Closing programs that require more processing power can allow League of Legends to run smoothly.
  • Simply decreasing the distance between the computer and router can improve connection quality.
  • Contact your internet service provider and troubleshoot further.

If none of these options work, players can find hundreds of support forums on the League of Legends boards.

Players can also directly contact Riot Games support if they need further assistance.

The future of lag in League of Legends

With many changes coming to League of Legends, it is important that players have a stable connection to test new aspects of the game. While the new Lag Report tool is a large step forward in helping players determine their connection quality, it does not directly fix connection issues.

Another concern with the tool is that players might use it to validate their reasons for losing a match.

However, whether lag validates a player's reason for losing a skirmish is still up for debate. The Lag Report tool cannot be used in real-time unlike many latency testing programs. Riot has also stated that the Lag Report tool is the first step towards developing more tools centered around troubleshooting lag. It is evident that Riot Games is dedicated to reducing lag for its players and will not stop inventing new ways to combat connection issues.