Bungie's "Destiny 2" is without a doubt one of the biggest titles dropped by Activision this year. Now that micro transactions have become commonplace in games, especially among first-person shooters, it looks like the publishers are planning to take this a step further.

Microtransaction matchmaking

For the uninitiated, Activision was recently awarded a patent for a system that could influence players to buy items within the game through microtransactions. This has sparked quite of a controversy as game buffs believe that this will disrupt a game's multiplayer matchmaking and entice players to make said in-game purchases.

Per the patent, it stated that this system may have a so-called "Microtransaction engine that arranges matches to influence game-related purchases." The engine will then match an experienced player with a newbie with the hope that the junior player will buy the same items that the tenured player is using.

The plot thickens after that. The microtransaction engine will then match the new player with a gameplay session where the purchased weapon/item is highly effective. Hence, that player will be motivated to get more stuff since he/she was given the impression that it was a good purchase.

Activision, on the other hand, spoke with Glixel, stating that it was an "exploratory patent" filed by research and development in 2015 while working independently inside the game studio.

They also assured that this hasn't been implemented on any of their games --not even on "Destiny 2."

It's a no-go

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that there will be no Festival of the Lost this year for "Destiny 2." Bungie is prepping other activities that are lined up for the game, one of which is The Dawning -- deemed to be the game's first live event for its second season.

Also, some players have been speculating for quite a while now that there could be an upcoming Hive enemy on the way in "Destiny 2." Both Asher Mir and Eris Morn have been referencing a mysterious Hive entity known as Nokris. Little is known about this character except that the name was mentioned in one of the messages sent by Asher to Eris (Gensym Knight Cloak) and the massive statue located in the Dreadnaught.

Fans might remember that Eris attempted to raid the Hive but failed. She has been researching quite a lot about the Hive, not to mention that the first time she communicated with someone was the time that she asked about Nokris. Some players believe that the Hive god might make an appearance in future content, though nothing has been officially confirmed.