Destiny 2” has received a warm reception from the gaming world. Since the game’s official launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, players have accomplished interesting feats in the game and its post-campaign content. Several records have been set by hardcore gamers for Bungie’s second game installment. This includes defeating the Boss with only a couple of players when the recommended is six.

Currently, fans are enjoying the big raid in the game dubbed the 'Leviathan' Interestingly, a new glitch was recently discovered, allowing players to solo loot all of the chests in the Leviathan Raid.

New bug

On YouTube, a user named SquirelockHolmes compiled a video showcasing the bug in “Destiny 2.” The video shows how players can solo loot all the raids in the Leviathan. The comments in the video uploaded by the YouTuber confirm that the new bug is not a one-game glitch. This means that other players can also try this on their respective consoles.

A series of videos uploaded by the YouTuber teaches players to get out of the map and loot the chests. Below, you can check out the video for the Pipeline and Engine areas. It contains several interesting details about the bug and what players can do because of it. For instance, when the player gets near enough to the wall or floor where the chest is, a prompt for loot action will appear on the screen.

This allows the player to unlock the content of that particular loot.

Several players have also shared their own experiences about the Solo Loot Bug. Their posts also confirm that the glitch is available on all platforms—PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The latest bug is also applicable across all character classes and not only limited to the Guardian class.

So, Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters can utilize their abilities to pull off this glitch.

Other details

This bug is very valuable and there is a new fear in the community that Bungie will soon roll out a patch to fix this glitch. Endgame contents such as Raids are intended to reward people with goodies for playing and excelling at it.

It is understandable that Bungie will quickly patch this bug out.

Meanwhile, on October 3, the game developer will run a scheduled maintenance in the game. For those who are currently active in raids and would like to get extra loots, now is the best time to try this glitch before it is resolved.

Destiny 2” is now available on consoles namely, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Bungie’s second game installment is scheduled to release its PC version on October 24.