Bungie has successfully launched its sci-fi shooter on all of its target platforms. While console gamers obviously have the lead in play time, PC gamers have likewise started to catch up with them. It's apparent that almost everyone is already done with everything the base game has to offer related to the story, PVP, and PVE. The next logical step is to focus on post-game support to add more elements, which can keep its core community engaged. Gaming journalists have started to notice that the “Destiny 2” player base has started to decline, which refocuses everyone’s attention to the game’s upcoming DLC.

Likewise, fairly recent speculation has noted that the shooter’s ending contains clues regarding future content and possibly more.

DLC clues hidden in ‘Destiny 2’ ending

According to previous leaks, “Destiny 2” is supposedly scheduled to receive its first DLC expansion sometime this December 2017. Apparently, the second season will also start along with the new content. During one of their panels, Bungie outlined their plans to improve upon their shortcomings in season one. These include the loot system and Prestige difficulty rewards, which are currently considered by fans as unfair. Meanwhile, a recent rumor claims that the game’s ending cinematics holds some clues about its future expansions.

The first clue hints that Guardians will be able to visit Mercury, which is one of the last places the Warlock Osiris visited. It was also the location of the Lighthouse where victorious players get to visit after a flawless run in the Trials of Osiris

The other locations that follow are Mars, the Reef, the Dreadnaught, and finally beyond our solar system.

The rumors are further supported by the recently data-mined information from the PC version of the game. Some of these files are audio clips that imply Guardians will get to revisit some of the Patrol locations from the first installment. Since the second location currently suspected will be Mars, it somehow coincides with leaks that claim players will seek a Warmind, which could be related to Rasputin from Old Russia.

Plans from the developer

None of these have been officially confirmed by Bungie, but it does allow gamers to look forward to more content for “Destiny 2.” Veteran players hope that the developer will continue to support the shooter with more post-launch activities and content. The ending cinematic appears to also give gamers a small glimpse of what is suspected to be the Darkness, the sworn enemy of the Traveler.