The mega-popular smartphone game, "Pokémon GO," was reportedly used by Russian-identified trolls in order to get involved in the 2016 US election. In an exclusive report from CNN, it was revealed that the Russian efforts didn't only end with the previous Twitter and Facebook accounts, since they were also trying to use YouTube, Tumblr, and the famous "Pokémon" game to interfere with the American politics.

During the investigation, a Russian-linked campaign was found part of the "Black Lives Matter Movement," which was used the different social media websites in order to exploit racial tensions.

According to CNN, a campaign known as "Don't Shoot Us," was made in order to give insights on how these Russians created a broad online access to the different multiple platforms.

Internet Research Agency

A report from CNN revealed that Russia is working with a team called, Internet Research Agency. These groups of people were making campaigns which happened to come from one single source.

Another source told CNN that the "Don't Shoot Us" Facebook page was one of the hundreds of accounts which were taken down after being proven that it has its connection to the Internet Research Agency.

As of this time, the different Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts used for the campaign were temporarily shut down and suspended.

Meanwhile, the aforesaid companies have declined to give their response regarding the incident. However, Google and YouTube both agreed to testify on the Senate and House Intelligence Committee meetings that are set to happen on November 1.

Exploiting racial tensions

This recent Russian-linked movement was believed to raise tensions around the world.

According to CNN, the "Don't Shoot Us" YouTube channel reportedly has 200 videos posted online pertaining to news, police tapes, and different footage of police brutalities.

These videos were reportedly posted by the Russians in the months between May to December last year; and were viewed by YouTube users for more than 368,000 times now.

In line with the recent "Pokémon Go" issue, the "Don't Shoot Us" contests were directing the "Pokémon Go" users to find and get their own Pokémon in their locations, where alleged police brutalities took place.

Russian-linked trolls have also instructed "Pokémon Go" users to give their Pokémon certain names which correspond to the victims of brutalities. While CNN hasn't found any evidence yet with the recent "Pokémon Go" attempts, Niantic is yet to give response amidst the complaints.