Dynasty Warriors 9” producer Akihiro Suzuki recently confirmed that it will be released in Western Countries. He also revealed several new details about the game, like the open world system and more.

The producer also revealed the reason behind changing their video game into an open world type. He revealed that the game map will be large that it will take a lot of time just to explore it thoroughly. He also revealed his opinion on bringing the video game to the hybrid home console, Nintendo Switch.

The upcoming game sequel of the popular beat ‘em up franchise will be coming to the West in early 2018.

It will be launched on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Japan will only have its PS4 version.

Reason for open world map feature

Suzuki stated that the game company learned from the numerous feedback by fans of the franchise. Most of them complained about its repetitive areas and gameplay, which made it stale and boring. Their development team wanted to take another direction, which resulted in this new idea of open-world gameplay.

Map will be large

The game producer revealed that the new map will be so huge that players will take three hours on horseback just to explore it. They will also find different cities and settlements to visit during their travels. They can also get involved in the wars, or just get away from it all, but it will depend on the character they have selected.

Mountains can be climbed and resource-gathering features

The game developers assured that the whole map can be explored thoroughly and that players could even climb mountains. If the cliffs are too steep to climb, they can choose to go around it and find another route.

Resource-gathering is also available in the video game. Players can get different elements like food and materials for features like crafting.

They can also meet the great generals and officers in cities.

No Nintendo Switch version

Unfortunately, Suzuki has confirmed that “Dynasty Warriors 9” will not have a Nintendo Switch version at the moment. They are not thinking of making one just yet, but there could be a chance later on.

A PS4 Pro and Xbox One X support feature will be coming too, which will have similarities to the “NiOh” video game.

Players can choose between two different versions, which are the dynamic adaptive resolution, which starts at 4K and a stable 30 FPS, and the lower resolution version with a 60 FPS.

Check out the "Dynasty Warriors 9" Gameplay Trailer here: