The much-awaited Halloween event in “Pokemon GO” is now live. It introduced some of the Dark-type Gen 3 pocket monsters that players can collect during the duration of the event. In addition, there are also several rewards that players can receive by participating in this year’s spooky event. Niantic Labs also revealed that there will be an increased rate of spawning for the spooky type of monsters during this event. Interestingly, players can farm several things that could help them prepare for the arrival of the Gen 4 species soon.

Preparing for the Gen 4

The Halloween event is the first event in “Pokemon Go” where Niantic Labs first introduced the Gen 3 species of creatures. Out of the five monsters that players can catch during the event, there are a couple of creatures that have evolutions available in Gen 4. These are Duskull and Misdreavus, which are Ghost-type pocket monsters. In order to prepare for these creatures, players will need capture and transfer as many Ghost-type creatures as possible. When the game developer finally decides to release Gen 4 Pokemon, players will then have sufficient candies to evolve these creatures.


The Ghost-type monster Misdreavus can be evolved into Mismagius when the next generations of species is finally released in the popular augmented reality game.

On the other hand, Duskull can be evolved into Dusclops with the arrival of the third generation monsters. Interestingly, it can still have its secondary evolution in the form of Dusknoir if it has gained access to the Reaper Cloth.

Aside from these two creatures, players should also try catching the Dark/Flying type monster Murkrow.

The bird is actually a second generation species. However, with the increased spawning rate for this type of creatures in the latest event in the game, players should catch them and save a lot of candies. Murkrow can be evolved into Honchkrow when the fourth generation of monsters is released into the game.

So far, only five creatures that belong to the third generation of Pokemon have been released into the game.

Niantic Labs will most likely release more of these creatures and it is definitely worth noting that data miners previously discovered more than 135 Gen 3 monsters in the game’s APK. So there are a lot more monsters to watch out for.

The Halloween Event in “Pokemon GO” is available now. The event will end on November 2.