Destiny 2” has now officially become available for all of its intended platforms. PC and console users have experienced its gameplay along with several ups and downs reported by the community. Just recently, there was a big fuss over the issue that some PC gamers were reportedly banned from their accounts. Bungie was quick to respond with an outline that noted possible reasons for their revoked access. The gaming community is well aware of the developer’s good track record when it comes to dealing with problems within their games. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before the game studio addressed complaints regarding the shooter’s Reward System and end-game activities.

End-game and loot system overhaul for ‘Destiny 2’

A recent article from Game Rant notes that Bungie has acknowledged the multitude of complaints from its fans. The developer outlined a rough draft that details their plans to enhance the current system. Moreover, they would like to reward “Destiny 2” players who have finished in-game activities in the Prestige difficulty setting. It seems that a lot of users felt that the loot acquired from their completion of these extra difficult undertakings is not commensurate to their efforts.

Activities like the Nightfall strike and the Leviathan raid seem to be the activities a lot of users complain about. Regarding the raid, it has been pointed out that the current system can just possibly give players Calus tokens for each of the challenge sections.

Furthermore, the aforementioned activity was even done in Prestige difficulty, which shows how unbalanced the current loot generation system is.

Other game modes will also get an improvement

Bungie’s planned improvements are apparently not limited to the end-game activities. They also confirmed better loot for Adventures, Strikes, and Lost Sectors, which were usually abandoned by Guardians.

In fact, most gamers prefer to grind through Public Events, which are notably quicker to complete and can drop exotics and legendary engrams at a higher frequency.

Prior to the release of “Destiny 2,” Bungie teased that Lost Sectors would be like a small section of a raid. However, it hardly fits their description based on how it currently works.

Players just breeze through these locations with minimal effort. Furthermore, limited time events like the Iron Banner and Faction Rally will also receive an overhaul, especially regarding their loot system. The reputation token limit was really bothersome for anyone who wanted to complete the set.