Square Enix has finally released the minimum system requirements of “Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition.” The requisites for playing the popular JRPG game on PC are found on the Microsoft Store. The game developer announced several months ago that the popular game will soon be released on the PC platform after over a year that it was made available to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The hit game has received praises from console users because of its fluidity and graphics. With the latest requirement for its Windows version, it appears that PC players will soon experience the same.

Minimum system requirements

As for the minimum system requirements of “Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition,” players just need to have an operating system running on Windows 10. The DirectX must be at least version 11. The PC must at least have 8GB of memory with a GeForce GTX 760 Graphics. The processor must be at least Intel Core i5 2400 3.1 GHz or AMD FX 6100 3.3 GHz.

Square Enix also released the recommended system requirements of the game’s PC version. This includes an operating system running on Windows 10 with DirectX version 11. The PC must have a memory of 16GB. For the graphics, it must have GeForce GTX 1060. It must also have a processor with the specs Intel Core i7 3770 3.4 GHz or AMD FX 8350 4.0 GHz.

Like most major titles with multi-platform releases, the recommended setting is a mid-range system built. That means around GeForce 1060, which has now become the standard card for players who would like to achieve close to maximum detail in games at 1080p and aim to get 60fps.

Other details

During the Gamescom last August, Square Enix announced the PC port of the popular Japanese role-playing game.

Initially, the game will allegedly support 8K and HDR10. On the other hand, its PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X versions reportedly will use the checkerboard solution to reach the 4K resolution.

The game follows the story of Prince Noctis and his royal guards who are also his close friends. These guards protect him from a coup, which caused the death of his father King Regis.

Noctis, along with his friends go on a journey of revenge and redemption. Players will take down massive monsters and meet new acquaintances along the way. There will be boss battles as the rightful heir tries to get back the throne that belongs to him.

Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition” is scheduled to release in the early part of 2018. So far, Square Enix has not yet provided the specific release date of the PC version of the game.