Niantic Labs recently released a new update for “Pokemon Go.” It contains the much-needed fix that the players have long been requesting from the game developer. This includes a fix for the glitch in the Curveball and on the bug in the Raid Battles to name a few. The popular augmented reality game is plagued with bugs that would often steal the players from completely enjoying the game.

Latest Update

Recently, Niantic Labs released “Pokemon Go” Update 1.47.1 for iOS and 0.77.1 for Android devices. In the latest patch notes released by the game developer, the update contains several much-needed bug fixes and minor tweaks.

This includes a new confirmation dialogue showing up when the players attempt to transfer costumer pocket monsters. In addition, costumed creatures are no longer allowed to be mass transferred.

As for the bug fixes, the most recent update addressed the bug that causes network errors when fighting in the Gyms. It also fixed the bug that triggers Raid Battle lobbies to show incorrect number of Trainers preparing for the battle. Moreover, the bug that causes the creature selected in the Raid Battle lobby to be reset when clicking the Items button has been fixed by this update. In addition, the update rolled out various fixes and several performance updates. Most importantly, it fixed the bug that causes the Curveball to not properly register.

Curveball issue

The Curveball Bug has been reported several times by various gaming websites. Players have been raising this issue for quite some time now. According to complaining players, the bug is causing the system to not recognize a throw as a Curveball. This is observed even if the players are throwing the ball at an angle.

When this happens, the players miss a part of the experience bonus. The bug also affects the rate of catching pocket monsters.

Other changes

While the Curveball fix is the most interesting inclusion in the game’s most recent update, the changes that go along with it are wonderful improvements. The bug in the Raid Battle lobby, for instance, has caused many problems including players not able to correctly tell if everyone is already queuing for battle.

Fans are hoping that the latest update will not lead to new bugs in the popular reality title after the most recent update caused several bugs in the game.

The latest update rolled out by Niantic Labs to “Pokemon GO” is available now on iOS and Android devices.