Ho-Oh will have its own EX Raid in “Pokemon Go’ in December. The most recent information claims that Mewtwo will not be the only Legendary that will feature in the new type of raid. The release of Mewtwo in the game is highly anticipated by the community.Initially, the game developer called Mewtwo’s raid an Exclusive Raid. Niantic Labs later changed its name to EX Raid Battle. Fans expected that the new raid would be launched in September.

However, Niantic Labs send out invitations to several players across the globe to participate in the field testing of the new type of raid.

New information recently surfaced online revealing more details about Mewtwo and another EX Raid Battle that will feature the Legendary Bird Ho-Oh.

Latest leak

On Reddit, a “Pokemon Go” player shared interesting details from an email reportedly sent by Niantic Support in Japan to one of its players. The said correspondence may have revealed what the game developer has in store for the players of the popular augmented reality title. Before getting hyped up about all these interesting details, bear in mind that this information is not yet confirmed by the game developer, and until announced, It will remain as a speculation.

Email content

The email, reportedly sent by Niantic Support in Japan, has confirmed that the field testing for the new type of raid for Mewtwo has already ended in Japan.

This means that players in the country will no longer have the chance to fight and catch Mewtwo until it is released worldwide through the EX Raid Battle. In addition, the email claims that Mewtwo will not be the first pocket monster that will have a worldwide EX Raid release.

The email allegedly then goes on to state that after Legendary Beasts Raikou, Suicune, and Entei leave the game in November, the EX Raid Battle will be released in the game.

Contrary to the community’s anticipation, Legendary Bird Ho-Oh will be released as the game’s first EX Raid Boss. Moreover, the email mentioned the Halloween event that will happen this month. It also referenced the Totorri event that is scheduled in Japan at the end of November.

Players have been speculating about the arrival of the Legendary Bird Ho-Oh in “Pokemon Go” since August. However, Niantic Labs introduced the Legendary Beasts at the exit of the Legendary Birds. There are several players in the community that are skeptical about the authenticity of this email.