Pokemon Go” players are surprised when they discovered that the Legendary Birds are back in the game. It was in the latter half of August when mythical birds, Lugia, Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos left the popular augmented reality title. After their exit, Niantic Labs introduced the Legendary Beasts that will be in the game until the end of November. Raikou, Suicune, and Entei are now in their second assigned homes after they migrated from their first assigned regions.

Players are not expecting that the mythical birds will comeback since most trainers are now looking forward to the launching of the EX Raid Battle in the game.

Those who have missed the mythical birds and are in Copenhagen can now capture these Legendary Birds.

Safari Zone Event

Pokemon Go” is currently holding one of the may Safari Zone events at the Fisketorvet mall in Copenhagen, Denmark. The event features Rare-type pocket monsters and regional-exclusive creatures that are not usually seen in Europe. However, players who are present at the latest event are surprised to discover that the Legendary Birds are also included in the event.

The Legendary Birds were first released in the game during the Anniversary event. Their introduction in the game have in one way, or another made an impact in the way players frequent the Gyms. Throughout summer, players were engaged in battle with Lugia, Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos.

Players know that the Legendaries will not permanently disappear in the game.

However, no one expected that they would make a comeback this soon.

For the past days, there were no teasers or hints about the return of the mythical birds in the augmented reality game. As of press time, several players have confirmed seeing Moltres and Articuno at the #Safari Zone Event in Copenhagen.

Other fans are expecting that Zapdos and Lugia will be appearing soon.

Other details

After the Safari Zone events, Niantic Labs has not yet revealed any activity or event in the game that will have to do with Raids. The developer claim that they would like the players to fully enjoy the event, so they are trying to keep the network traffic as free as possible.

Most likely, the developer has learned its lessons from the brouhaha that happened during the Chicago Fest.

Without any Raid activities after the Safari Zone event, does this mean that the re-appearance of the Legendary Birds in “Pokemon Go” is a one-time occurrence? Several players are speculating that the mythical birds could soon resurface in other regions. For now, Niantic Labs has not made any comment about the re-appearance of the Legendary Birds in other parts of the world.