As Sony released the October list for the latest free games included in the PlayStation Plus subscription service, new rumors surfaced about the PlayStation's latest update, and that is the release of the PS 5. A release date for the new gaming console has yet to be set, and the reasons why are clear. New games for the new console are already in the pipeline as well. That doesn't mean that gamers should give up on the PlayStation 4. For those who are considering a new console now, it might be the right time to buy one. The PS4 still has a lot to offer gamers, and there are plenty of games, including free games, available in the store.

PS 5 release date and specifications

Gears of Biz reported that the consensus on the release date is toward the end of 2020. The reason is that Sony is already making a lot of money with the PS 4 console. The PS 5 console will be a real 4K device, and it probably won't launch until the sales for the PlayStation 4 slow down. Sony is currently looking at a major hardware update for the PS 5. The new system would have the ability to stream games although there is little chance that it will be a disc-free machine. Wireless capabilities are a real possibility too. Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios revealed the development of a new Grand Theft Auto Game is already in the works for the machine.

The Daily Star reported that the Chairman of Worldwide Studios and President of Sony Interactive Entertainment America, Shawn Layden, confirmed that there would be a PlayStation 5 in the future, but that it wouldn't be anytime soon. The problem is that with streaming services now on television, gamers may not be interested in bigger and flashier systems.

Electronic Arts Chris Evenden, vice president of investor relations, said that he has doubts about the need for bigger and better consoles. Microsoft and Sony have launched streaming services with varying degrees of success.

Why buy a PlayStation 4?

Business Insider reported that now is the best time to buy a PS 4. Over 60 million people already own one.

One of the main reasons to buy one now is that it's affordable. They cost is about $250 now, and there are plenty of deals available. The PS 4 is also considered to be the best deal in gaming. Gamers can play online, and there are plenty of free games available in the store. Gamers can also combine television with their gaming console and subscribe to Sony's subscription service. Prices range from $39.99 to $74.99. Plenty of apps are also available for the system. Users can expect apps like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon, and HBO Go/Now. Some PlayStation 2 and 3 games are also available for play on the console. Sony recently updated the firmware for the PlayStation 4 to version 5.0, and by updating, players can improve their playing performance even though this isn't a major upgrade.