A new data mining activity in the latest update of “Pokemon Go’’ reveals the game developer has added the required form of the Gen III creatures. In the gaming community, players are usually more interested in the result of data mining activities than on the update itself. On October 7, Niantic Labs rolled out an update containing bug fixes, quality of life improvements, and performance optimizations. While the update has very helpful fixes and changes, the most interesting part of it is the finds in the latest data mining activity.

Latest data mine

PokemonGoHub recently shared the latest finds from their most recent data mining activities in the most recent update of “Pokemon Go.” Interestingly, data miners found that new Gen III forms have been added to the popular augmented reality title. This includes the required forms for Deoxys and Castform. According to the site, this could mean that Castform could be available soon in the game when the Gen III pocket monsters are launched.

The latest data mining activity also uncovers the possibility that the upcoming Gen III pocket monsters could become weather-aware. As for Deoxys, it looks like the creature would be released in the game a little later than Castform.

Curveball fixed

Aside from the new forms added to Gen III monsters, data miners have also discovered that Niantic Labs has added the new flags, .curveBallModifierApplied. This means that the Curveball Bug that has been disappointing many players is not fixed. It is revealed that the bug was on the client side.

Patch notes

Meanwhile, the game developer released the patch notes of Update 0.77.1 for Android and 1.47.1 for iOS devices.

Aside from the Curveball bug fix, it also fixed the bug that causes Raid Battle lobbies to not correctly show the number of players queuing at the lobby. This has caused confusion and problems among players who are preparing to enter into a Raid.

A new notification dialogue is now added to the game. It now surfaces when the player tries to transfer its costumed pocket monster.

In addition, Niantic Labs also disallowed mass transferring of costumed pocket monsters in the game.

Other details

Fans are now waiting for the announcement of Halloween event in the game. Several days ago, the game developer teased the possibility of the event happening in the popular augmented reality title. A new email, allegedly from Niantic Support in Japan, sent to a player, is currently the subject of discussion among players. The email claims that a Ho-Oh Ex Raid Battle will be launched in the game in December.

While the community is expecting that Mewtwo will debut the EX Raid Battle in “Pokemon Go” it seems that this is no longer the case if the email is to go by. As of press time, Niantic Labs has not yet made a comment on the Ho-Oh EX Raid and until this is not officially confirmed, it will remain a speculation.