The latest data mine of the “Pokemon Go” APK appears to confirm the arrival of the much-awaited Halloween event. Niantic Labs recently rolled out a new update that contains minor bug fixes to the game. However, data mining activity reveals more information that the developer has not yet revealed to its massive player base.

While the new finds are not yet officially confirmed, the majority of the players believe that Niantic Labs will soon announce this to the community. One of the latest finds through data mine is the wallpaper for the upcoming event.

Interestingly, several players have already formed their own speculations about the event. This includes that players will wear a Mimikyu Hat in-game during the event.

Easter egg

The latest image discovered in the APK of “Pokemon Go,” reveals a loading screen or wallpaper with several terrifying creatures. The loading screen seems to have already spoiled Niantic Labs’ future activity to its massive player base for the Halloween season. The image contains several Gen 3 creatures like Gengar and Murkrow. It also shows Dark-type monsters like Dusclops, Sableye, and Banette.

Interestingly, on the bottom part of the image is a trainer, which appears to be ignoring the monsters on top of the hill since he is immersed in his mobile phone.

The trainer, aside from seen looking down, also appears to be wearing a Mimikyu hat. Mimikyu is a special Ghost-type creature that was first seen in the “Pokemon Sun and Moon” game.

According to some players, the trainer in the data mined image could represent the players of the game. Granted the Halloween event is really happening soon in the popular augmented reality game, they believe that players will also wear a Mimikyu hat.

However, this hat will most likely be an in-game accessory that will only be available during the upcoming event. In the game’s previous events, Magikarp hat and Adventure caps were also introduced.

Gen 3

The data mined image appears to also confirm the much-awaited arrival of the gen 3 pocket monsters in the game. These creatures were first introduced in the “Ruby” and “Sapphire” titles.

The talks about the third generation pocket monsters started several weeks ago when data mining activities discovered more than 135 creatures, which belong to this cluster. The speculations were further triggered when Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke confirmed in his latest interview that the Gen 3 is coming soon in the game.

So far Niantic Labs has not yet released any statement about the most recent finds of the data miners. Fans are looking forward to wearing the Mimkyu hat, enjoy the Halloween event, and meet the Gen 3 pocket monsters in “Pokemon Go” soon.