Gun Media and Illfonic recently announced the arrival of Tommy Jarvis Tapes in “Friday the 13th: The Game.” It appears that the game developers are not yet through with their Halloween treats for players of the popular asymmetrical horror title. On October 26, a couple of DLC Packs were released for the game. These are the Trick or treat DLC and the Kills Pack that are offered to players at very low prices. Along with the Tommy Jarvis update, 2.0 is the release of Tommy Jarvis Tapes.

New additions

Friday The 13th: The Game” players have in one way or another come across one or two of the Pamela Tapes. These are extremely hard to find treasures in the asymmetrical horror title that record several interview sessions between Mrs.

Vorhees and the police when the young Jason reportedly died due to drowning. Gun Media and Illfonic revealed today that the popular horror title is set to go into more depth of its lore with Tommy Jarvis Tapes. Interestingly, these tapes were written by the renowned director and hardcore fan of the franchise—Adam Green.

Other details

It is worth noting that the developers have previously revealed that they will be infusing a new way of storytelling into the horror title about one of the fan-favorite characters in the franchise—Tommy Jarvis. The character’s story will be revealed through the collectible cassette tapes concealed and scattered all over the game. Each cassette tape will unveil more information about Tommy Jarvis.

Players will have to collect all 13 tapes to learn the story of Jarvis completely. These tapes will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC platforms for free.

DLC Packs

Meanwhile, a couple of DLC Packs are available to players starting October 26. The Trick or Treat DLC introduces a new set of Halloween costumes that players can use for their Counselors.

The costumes come in different varieties that perfectly match the personality of the Counselor. Players can choose from Skeleton costume of AJ, the Sexy Cop outfit of Kenny, the Karate Guy costume of Chad, or the Pro Wrestler look of Eric. The downloadable content is available for only $1.99

In addition, players who availed of the latest iteration of the game’s main character Jason Vorhees will now be able to equip him with new Kills.

The new part IV Jason Kills Pack is available for $2.99 and offers three new Kills. This includes Slam and Gut, Kneecapper, and Throat Slit. You can check out Adam Green’s reveal video below of the Tommy Jarvis tapes in “Friday the 13th: The Game.”