Pokemon Go” players were excited a few days ago when an email reportedly from Niantic Support in Japan revealed that there would be a Ho-Oh EX Raid Battle launched soon. When the Legendary Birds left the popular augmented reality title, players wondered if they would ever be given the chance to encounter and capture Ho-Oh. With the email revealing that the Mythical bird would arrive in December, hope rippled through the community. However, Niantic Labs has recently debunked this claim, calling the email fake.

Ho-oh debunked

NianticGeorge of Niantic Labs has debunked the email claims about Ho-Oh EX Raid Battle in “Pokemon Go.” According to the developer, he reviewed the support ticketing system and has confirmed that it was not sent by their support team.

He also called the email an erroneous message.

On Reddit, a user named AbsoluteCutChips shared an email reportedly received by a player from Niantic Support in Japan. The email contains many details about the popular augmented reality game. One of these included the confirmation that the field testing for the new type of raid for Mewtwo has ended in Japan. It also contains the announcement that Legendary Beasts Raikou, Entei, and Suicune will leave the game in November. Most importantly, it claims that there will be an EX Raid Battle in December that will feature Ho-Oh.

Other details

Several fans did not believe the email. Some claim that it is interesting for the developer to feature Ho-Oh in the EX Raid Battle when Legendary Birds Lugia, Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos were all launched in the Legendary Raids.

Others did not like the idea because raids are already extremely difficult. Adding an extra block to build a competent raid team is not aligned to the developer’s goal for the popular augmented reality title.

Niantic Labs previously announced that Mewtwo would be released in the game through a new type of raid called Exclusive Raid.

However, the developer changed the name to EX Raid later. Instead of launching the powerful Legendary Mewtwo, Niantic Labs launched several field testing activities first. With the field testing still ongoing in several regions, and without any release date from the developer, fans are wondering when the EX Raid Battles are going to start.

While the email about EX Raid for Ho-oh is fake, it is still possible that the mythical bird could soon be launched after Mewtwo. Meanwhile, fans are waiting for the developer’s announcement regarding the Halloween Event in “Pokemon Go” this year. The event was previously teased and it will only be a matter of time before it will be announced.