"No Man's Sky" continues its move toward improvement, releasing another update with the Atlas Rises patch 1.38. The latest fix gives gamers a better way to manage saves between game modes, alleviating the frustrations some have experienced from lengthy gameplay.

Better saves for stable explorations

The latest Atlas Rises patch offers five different save-game slots, each of which houses game saves and used for any mode of the game, Game Rant reported. All one has to do is choose an empty slot to boot up a new game. From there, players will be asked to pick the game mode they want from the select menu.

In the event that an individual starts as a new game without any saves from the slots, they will be required to select a mode.

"No Man's Sky" players can look forward to two sub-slots for each saved game. One is made for automatic saves while the other is for players who want to do it manually. With dual game save options, players will have fewer things to worry about as they venture out and explore the open world.

Other improvements from latest patch

Aside from better game saves for “No Man’s Sky,” other fixes include improved mouse sensitivity and control inversion settings to the Galactic map. This adds a new ability to rebind the discard key, trading improvements and address changes to the environment.

Looking over the patch notes of the latest update to "No Man’s Sky," there are a lot of enhancements that game developers have done. Most of that can be found at the game's official site.

So far, Hello Games has done a fine job trying to patch up the space exploration game that debuted with plenty of criticism. Game performance has become more stable and developers have managed to add unique content.

Marketing the game to have quintillion planets backfired in a way with some complaining about fairly similar game settings even when hopping from one planet to another.

The latest patch appends previous ones released. That includes the Pathfinder update which introduced planetary vehicles, base sharing and PS4 Pro support among others.

Prior to that, Hello Games also released the Foundation update where explorers could decide to play with new rule sets in three game modes (normal, creative and survival mode).

With three major patches released, folks who have patiently waited to play "No Man's Sky" can expect smoother game performance and more options ahead. Hello Games has intently listened to the complaints of the gaming community and have so far acted on major concerns. More patches are expected to follow as programmers continue to work on the ambitious space exploration game and give players something to be occupied with.