In this week’s update, game developer Bungie announced the arrival of the Prestige Difficulty in “Destiny 2.” This is the hard version of the Leviathan Raid in the game that intends to raise the excitement and challenges in the shared multi-shooter title. Interestingly, this upcoming version of the raid features the Prestige Raid Loot that contains juicy in-game lore.

Gears and their meanings

On Reddit, several “Destiny 2” players have shared a significant amount of details about the lore contained in the Prestige Raid Loot. For instance, the Titan gear suggests that Ghaul used to be a Gladiator and was known for his unusual markings, movements, and his determination.

No opponent is too big or too strong for the brave warlord. On the other hand, the Hunter gear describes the antagonist as a master conspirator who is committed to overthrowing Emperor Calus. Meanwhile, the Warlock gear signifies that Ghaul has an exceptionally disciplined mind that can determine if a decision is based on emotions.

Letter to Ghaul

Aside from the gears, the Prestige Raid Loots also contains a letter from Emperor Calus addressed to Ghaul. The letter was written after the antagonist betrayed the Emperor which led to Calus’ expatriation. It suggests that the Emperor has spent a significant amount of time thinking about the Gladiator he used to admire. He blames the Consul for using Ghaul to dethrone him.

The letter further revealed that Calus is even willing to hire Ghaul’s service again even if the entire empire is not yet ready to forgive the antagonist. It suggests also that the Emperor attempts to set up a reunion with Ghaul.

Other details

The Leviathan Raid Loot reveals the reason for Calus’ return, where he has been, and how he met and was betrayed by the famed Gladiator.

On the other hand, the new Prestige Raid Loot builds on this backstory. It underlines how the Emperor changed his perspective and developed his deep affection for Ghaul. It also suggests that Calus cares about Ghaul on the level of a father and son rather than as a god and its follower.

Before the game was officially launched, Bungie claimed that the second game installment would have more story content over its predecessor.

While the players had not really expected the previous claim to be true, it appears that the developer has indeed prepared something for the players in terms of this story.

Destiny 2” is currently available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The second game installment from Bungie will be released on PC on October 24, 2017.