Niantic is launching the Halloween Event of “Pokémon Go” reality game to celebrate ghost-type creatures as well as the release of Gen 3 Pokémons, but it seems there has been a sudden irregularity in the matrix. Silph Road subreddit’s recent developments insinuate that water biomes have been occupied with the regional, Water-type Pokemon, Corsola.

The water-type monster Corsola mainly spawn between 26 degrees south latitude and 31 degrees north latitude. While this indicates the habitat of the creature technically rolls out across continents, it is usually located in the most tropical climate regions.

Nonetheless, “Pokemon Go” trainers might be able to find the monster near a large body of water. Many players claimed that regions usually filled with water-type creatures are now occupied with Corsala.

Considering that the “Pokémon GoHalloween event does not jive with the ghostly theme of the occasion, players assumed the water-type monster Corsola invasion might be some sort of a mistake. Comic Book reported that over the weekend, the video game developer modified Pokémon spawns to make sure more ghost-type creature will spawn in water regions.

Shortly after the spawn modification, the Corsala invaded the watery regions. This could mean that if a “Pokemon Go” player lives near a lake or an ocean and is searching for a Corsala, it might be the perfect time to hunt the water-type Pokemon.

It is also noteworthy that if this phenomenon is accidental, players should not expect it to last long.

Halloween Event’s new set of pocket monsters

Meanwhile, several “Pokémon Go” players are now enjoying the game’s 2017 Halloween Event that featured a new set of pocket monsters. Players can also expect to have better chances of capturing spooky creatures.

It seems that this is the best time for gamers to gather candies for the new set of characters’ evolutions.

Spooky monsters

According to Express, players might catch spooky monsters during the event, such as Sableye, Banette, Cubone, Gastly, and Drowzee. There’s also a possibility that players will be able to catch Misdreavus and Duskull, which may have evolutions in the Gen 4 Pokemon.

Witch Hat Pikachu gang

The “Pokémon Go” Halloween event is expected to feature Witch Hat Pikachu, Witch Hat Raichu, and Witch Hat Pichu. The Witch Hat Pichu could probably be the rarest, arriving only from a Pokemon Egg and will not be captured in the wild.