The Halloween Terror Event is currently live in “Overwatch.” It gives players the opportunity to enjoy the Junkenstein’s Revenge and earn spooky treats. The event introduced event-themed skins making the heroes of the first-person shooter title look perfect for the occasion. There are also sprays, brand new voicelines and other offers that are only available within the time frame of the event. Interestingly, there are little secrets in the latest event in the game that players can uncover. There are many Easter Eggs and here is a rundown of some of them that you might have missed.

Crow that pops

While some players have already found some of the Easter eggs scattered in the latest “Overwatch” Halloween event, there are some of these hidden surprises that are not yet discovered. This includes the exploding crow Easter egg. This can be found on the Junkenstein’s Revenge Map. It is located on a ledge above the door. Shoot the crow and it will explode leaving a purple-ish cloud. Some fans speculate that it could be a teaser for the next hero in the game.

Posters at Eichenwalde

Aside from the Junkenstein’s Revenge map, another Easter egg can be found at the Eichenwalde. Since the Escort map has received a makeover, there are several noticeable changes that players can observe.

One of this is the posters in the attacking room spawn, which in the past shows the Omnic crisis. Now players are given a warning about Dr. Junkenstein and his terrifying monster.


The Eichenwalde now has its own graveyard. Interestingly, one of the graves is designed similar to the victory pose. These victory poses provide the playable characters of the first-person title their own headstone.

These headstones contain their arm, leg, head, and weapon prodding out.

Cultist Zenyatta

The new event-themed skin of Zenyatta makes her a cultist. Aside from the stunning robotic tentacles, the hero has eyes that can move around their sockets. She also has alternate voicelines, which creepily says that the iris consumes you.

Meanwhile, several players are recently complaining about one of the skins in this year’s Halloween Terror event. Some players have reported that the pirate-themed skin of the healing sniper Ana has a problem. According to the complaints, the skin is not bringing in the Parrot that is expected to come with the hero in-game.

The event-themed “Overwatch” skin costs 3,000 in-game credits but can also be obtained from loot boxes, offers a parrot sitting on Ana’s shoulder when you equip it. However, players noticed that the parrot does not actually join them in-game, which made them disappointed.