While the news surroundingDestiny 2” has been mostly positive since the game launched, there have been hiccups here and there. The most recent hiccup are the claims by quite a few of the game’s players that the title’s developers are banning players for using third party applications in the PC version of the game. For it’s part, Bungie has responded that the company is not doing what these players claim it’s doing.

Destiny 2launched on PC on Tuesday and it took almost no time at all for reports to surface that Bungie wasn’t treating PC players all that well.

The complaints were posted both on the Bungie.net message boards as well as the “Destiny subreddit.

When the problems first surfaced, the running theory quickly became that Bungie was doing something shady. It’s not as though the players who decided Bungie was behind the issues were operating out of left field. Earlier this year, Eurogamer reports that Bungie had warned it would be blocking “Destiny 2” players that engaged in using third party applications in the PC version.

Third-party applications and ‘Destiny 2’

The company was under the impression that these applications would insert code into the game’s client.

The company made it so that third party voice communications and hardware monitoring won’t work with “Destiny 2.”

The issue seems to have popped up after users said they were seeing dozens, if not hundreds of players getting banned unintentionally. People on the Subreddit wanted to know why the apparently unintentional bans were not being lifted hours after they were first instituted.

Some users were saying they didn’t have any idea they couldn’t use the third-party applications they had tried out. They also said they never got any warning before they were suddenly banned.

Bungie’s response

While the reports continued to come in on various forums, Bungie went to work attempting to assure people they weren’t the ones behind whatever was happening.

At the very least the third party apps weren’t the reason that there had been people banned almost immediately after they first logged in. At one point Bungie took to officially announcing their explanation, though it didn’t exactly resolve whatever was going on with the players who found themselves suddenly unable to play.

Third-party applications that aren't compatible with ‘Destiny 2’ may cause the game to not run but won't result in a ban." The company said. One Bungie employee even claimed that the reports they were banning people was “internet BS.” While the company has said they aren’t behind the bans, they also don’t seem to know what is the culprit.