It's no secret that Microsoft terminated Windows Mobile. The Redmond-based tech company tried everything to establish itself in the smartphone universe, which is heavily dominated by Android and iOS, and the tech company even purchased Nokia in the process. But, with Surface Phone/Windows Mobile out in the smartphone scene, the tech giant might launch a foldable tablet.

According to Windows Central, Microsoft appears to be planning to roll out a foldable mobile device, dubbed Andromeda. The device could be folded like a notebook and would rely on digital pen and ink.

The handset will run on Windows 10 operating system with built-in Windows Core OS.

The Windows Core operating system is a modular take on Windows, making the software compatible with any gadget as well as any type of architecture. The Andromeda foldable device will also be equipped with CShell or Composable shell, a software that adjusts the user interface to be suitable for any type of platform.

According to Trusted Reviews, when Andromeda is folded, the device will fit in the pocket, which is practical considering the device is also expected to arrive with telephony features. Though users can utilize the foldable device to make calls and send texts, the gadget is not meant to be a replacement for a smartphone.

The Andromeda would make practical use of digital pen and ink. Of course, Microsoft's OneNote will be linked to that setup, providing Andromeda users a journal-like interface that imitates a notebook.

Device with ARM-based chipset

Microsoft’s foldable Andromeda device will arrive with an ARM-based chipset, which the Redmond-based company has been developing for laptops.

With the foldable Andromeda tablet essentially running Windows 10 operating system, the device will come with traditional desktop apps. Microsoft’s foldable Andromeda tablet could stand a chance to generate an entirely new category in the handset universe. Although Lenovo already attempted this technology with its Yoga Book 2-in-1 tablet, Microsoft's endeavor might have better integration between hardware and software.

Release date

As for the release date, the foldable Andromeda handset might be available in early 2018. If Microsoft launches the device next year, this could mean that the tech company is way past prototyping the device. A rollout that early could also mean that Microsoft already has a final design on hand. Nonetheless, delays often transpire with gadgets, so a release schedule early next year might indeed be too optimistic.