After the recent discovery of a Shiny Sableye in "Pokemon GO's" Halloween event, a couple more spooky-themed Shinies were found, which is another reason for fans to go out there and play some more. Also, spoofers are claiming that there is another wave of bans going on within the game and it is related to the monsters that were caught illegally.

Crimson ghosts

Reddit user Ptudia recently posted a screenshot of a Shiny Duskull on the Silph Road subreddit. This got players hyped yet again in playing the game, though there are still some that are skeptic about it.

Shiny Dusclops is also said to be released by Niantic. Now that spawns of these Pokemon are expected to be increased, trainers are most likely to be on the hunt right now in hopes of capturing these critters.

That being said, some "Pokemon GO" players have been wondering whether the amber-colored Sableye still spawns in the wild. At the time of writing, members of the subreddit claim that there are still Shiny Sableyes in the wild. Other trainers are musing if a Shiny Gengar was released albeit the fact that it is barely different from its original color.

The mark of shame

Meanwhile, "Pokemon GO" spoofers claim that Niantic may have imposed bans yet again at Pokemon that were caught illegally.

Per the Reddit post by Ptudia, the monsters that were spoofed/sniped had the red slash on it like the ones the developer put up some months ago.

Trainers believe that this Mark Of Shame indicates that the player may have used bots while catching these Pokemon. Other players claim that bot users level up to 30 for them to report the individual values (IVs) of the scanned monsters.

They went on explaining that these players run bots to level up their own accounts without breaking a sweat. Some even stated that this has grown to become a business to those players as these accounts are being sold between $2-$6.

The ongoing concerns over spoofing/sniping within "Pokemon GO" could hinder the release of certain features like the highly suggested Pokemon trades.

It is very much likely that this feature won't go live within the game anytime soon since there are still loopholes the need patching up.

"Pokemon GO's" Halloween event will be up until November 2 and it is expected that the rest of the game's gen 3 monsters will be released later on. Players might want to visit the game's website for future updates and events within the AR title. In the meantime, check out a video about the game below.