Ghostly critters have finally arrived in "Pokemon GO" as Niantic officially kicked off the game's Halloween event.

Just a day after going live, trainers have already discovered some interesting finds in the new event including a new shiny.

Spooky Shiny

A Redditor (Ryozaaki) over on The Silph Road subreddit recently posted an image of a shiny Sableye confirming that these types of Pokemon are included in the Halloween event. According to the image, the gem-eyed monster dons a yellow/gold coloration instead of its original purple color. That being said, it is believed that there could be other spooky shinies waiting to be discovered.

Another interesting find that trainers stumbled on is that the Halloween themed Pichu (the one with a witch's hat) can be hatched from 2-kilometer eggs. This has been brought up by a Redditor that goes by the moniker MonstersUGrad98 suggesting that hatching this creature won't be that much of a walk. Some trainers, on the other hand, have been expecting it to be that way. However, this info is still something, since most of the "Pokemon GO" players are not into purchasing incubators.

Anti-spoof lifted?

Players are also aware of the recent update that Niantic rolled out in preparation for its Halloween event.

Spoofers might also notice a message telling them that they have a spoofing app on their phones not to mention that they are barred from playing the AR game. It turns out though that this new anti-cheat measure was seemingly removed by Niantic.

Spoofers were initially restricted from logging in to "Pokemon GO." However, just hours after implementing this anti-cheat, spoofing faithfuls have discovered a workaround to bypass this as it was detailed in a Reddit post.

The workaround was later on no longer required as Niantic may have removed the anti-cheat feature.

This is without something to bring about a sigh of relief for players who are dependent on this type of play. However, players who are not into it were quite disappointed about it as they are suggesting to have these players slapped with a permaban.

Other players believe that Niantic may have just collected some data adding that the developer could be checking the gravity of the spoofing/sniping situation within "Pokemon GO." They further explained that Niantic might have put those accounts into the record and implement a harsher punishment later on. There are some who believe that the game maker could be scared of revenue loss. Check out a video about the game here: