"Pokemon GO" Players are hyped yet again with the game's ongoing event. However, a number of these trainers were surprised to have spotted an unlikely critter that jumped in on the occasion. The normally Rare Corsola has been appearing in quite a lot of places recently.

Hopping on the hype train

Reports suggest that Niantic may have forgotten to include the Halloween-themed Pokemon on areas where bodies of water are present. The developer then made the necessary tweaks over the weekend to have this issue fixed. However, it looks like the folks over at Niantic may have played with the settings as trainers near those areas noticed that the water/rock type Pokemon known as Corsola also spawned alongside its spooky counterparts.

"Pokemon GO" players are well aware of how rare Corsola is. With the recent changes though, these Pokemon continue to spawn at an insane rate especially on coastal areas as it is also drawn towards the warm water.

At this time, players at these locations are still getting Corsolas together with the ghostly monsters from the Hoenn Region. It is not yet clear as to whether this unusual spawn was intentional or just a glitch. Whatever the reason is, players are advised to catch those Corsolas while they're still around.

Two-item glitch

Meanwhile, a growing number of players have been expressing their concerns over the so-called two-item bug that has been plaguing them for quite a while now.

Per the Silph Road subreddit, "Pokemon GO" players are only getting two items whenever they spin Pokestops nearby. Most trainers claim that they have been experiencing the problem for weeks now and this has irked them ever since.

The cause of the glitch is still unknown, though some suspect that the temporary Pokestops might be the culprit of this bug.

Other trainers believe that this might have been done intentionally to eventually force players to purchase more in the shop. Niantic, on the other hand, has not addressed the issue as fans wait for their official statement.

In the meantime, the ongoing Halloween event endows players with double the amount of candies whenever they hatch, transfer, evolve, and catch Pokemon until November 2.

Also, buddies will be twice as fast in obtaining candies during the event. Special boxes are also being offered at a huge discount at the in-game shop where would-be buyers may stack up on items like raid passes and the likes. Check out a video about "Pokemon GO" here: