Xbox One players can now enjoy all of Bungie's "Destiny" features after Sony lost Exclusivity of the game. According to the AotF, Neither Bungie or Activision announced the changes, instead, they let fans discover the surprise by making them available on the Xbox One console. Some of the primary features available include The Taken King, SRL 2015, April Update 2016, and Rise of Iron.

Despite the good news, not all Xbox One players were happy to hear it. Most of "Destiny's" hardcore fans on Xbox have moved on thus the lack of hype when the features all appeared on the Microsoft console.

But there's another problem brewing as "Destiny 2" is expected to have similar exclusive features on the PS4 that will not be available on the Xbox One platform.

Bungie's Destiny 2 on Xbox One

Apparently, PS4 is still ahead when it comes to the features of Bungie's "Destiny" game. As soon as they let go of the original game, PS4 is all set to get a hold on the features of "Destiny 2," something that has not been discussed by Xbox One users.

The full list of the "Destiny" PS4 features on the Xbox One are as follows:

  • Echo Chamber - Strike
  • Jade Rabbit - Exotic scout rifle
  • Show of Strength - quest from Tyra Karn
  • Zen Meteor - Exotic sniper rifle
  • Fight Fire with Fire - quest from Petra Venj
  • Sector 618 - Crucible map
  • Iron Camelot Armor sets - via Dusty Iron Engrams
  • Icarus - Crucible map
  • Sublime Engram Armor sets

These features arrived after the supposed one-year exclusivity to PS4 wherein, that "one-year" turned into more than what fans expected.

As for the case of "Destiny 2," players hope to be able to unlock all of the game's features after its exclusive deal with the PS4 platform comes to an end.

Raid exploit on Destiny 2

Meanwhile, players of "Destiny 2" has found a new raid exploit that brings all the similar experiences from "Destiny." According to Kotaku, in the Leviathan raid, wherein players try to defeat Calus, the glitch can obviously change the course of the fights difficulty mode.

It stated: "By having one player carefully time a log-out after your team wipes, the game will stop spawning enemies into the main room, which makes the fight a lot easier."

The arrival of "Destiny" features came at a time when Xbox One players have moved on from the game. Nevertheless, not everybody has abandoned the game, giving Bungie and Activision another reason to completely offer the original games to the rest of the players.

Bungie has not released a statement about the "Destiny" full feature coming to the Xbox One.