"Destiny 2" has been doing pretty well as it is one of the widely played first-person shooters for home consoles. With the numerous events within the game that are now in play, Bungie has just announced that they'll be bringing back the Bungie Bounty event.

The bounty is back

Tenured players of the FPS title are very much acquainted with the mechanics of the returning event. For the uninitiated, the developer will be putting up a bounty on a certain player while the "Destiny 2" community will be out to hunt him to reel in the prize.

Per Bungie's post, the developer has revealed as to who the community will be setting their crosshairs on as it was placed on a fellow that goes by the moniker Gigz.

However, instead of him going solo, several Bungie staff will go alongside him to make the game more interesting.

The developer further explained that they wouldn't be spilling too many details about "Destiny 2's upcoming contents. They went on stating that they just want to shell out emblems to players who'll be besting them out of their very own title.

Welcome back titan

Meanwhile, Bungie also announced the return of the Iron Banner Quest in "Destiny 2." The ax-wielding titan – Lord Saladin will be gracing the game once again as he can be found at the Iron Banner Grounds. However, its location has yet to be disclosed by Bungie.

The new Iron Banner Quest is said to be getting daily and seasonal objectives.

The daily objectives will be consisting of three simple challenges that once completed; players can meet up with Lord Saladin to claim those loot. Seasonal objectives, on the other hand, will require players to obtain 10 Iron Banner packages. Players will be rewarded with some nifty stuff which includes the Shades of Radegast and Felwinter Frost legendary emblems.

It is said that this new content will go live sometime in October.

On Faction Rallies

"Destiny 2" players are on a grind as of late with Faction Rallies where Guardians are on the hunt for Faction Tokens that can be exchanged for Engrams. However, each faction vendor can only dish out a maximum of 30 Engrams. After this, players will only receive shaders for turning in tokens.

Players who weren't able to complete their faction gear and weaponry by October 3 will just have to wait for the next rally to drop. Nonetheless, vendors will still be at the tower for Victory Week. The winning faction's vendor will be selling a unique weapon to the participants as those who pledged their allegiance can buy that weapon for only 1,000 glimmers. Otherwise, it will be valued at 50,000 glimmers. Check out a video about a Faction Token exploit in "Destiny 2" here: