Sony released the latest updates for the PlayStation firmware updates, and users will want to update to play the latest games and avoid crashes. New games are now available for the PlayStation Plus subscription service, and Sony is offering sales to entice players. Players can look forward to full versions of games for the Plus system, although Sony may delay the release of the games until Microsoft reveals its full lineup for Games with Gold. Deals for the Plus system include "Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age," "Full Throttle Remastered," "Micro Machines World Series," and the "Revenant Saga."

October update for PS Plus

The Daily Star reported that the latest releases for the PS Plus were revealed for players and that players can look forward to a lot of pain when playing.

Releases included "Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom," "The Amnesia Collection," "Sky Force," and "Monster Jam." Sony usually releases the games for PS4, PS3, and Vita to the subscription service on the last Wednesday of each month. The titles then become available on the first Tuesday of the month, making them available on October 4.

The Express UK reported that the free games for the system are headlined by "Metal Gear Solid 5." "That's You," "Hustle Kings," "Hue," and the games previously mentioned will also be available. Players are hoping that the next game to be free will either be "Resident Evil: Revelations 2" or "Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster." One game that is expected to become available is "Friday The 13th: The Game." The online game from Gun Media is expected to finally get a physical release.

Deals in the Sony store

Gear Nuke reported that the PlayStation store is having a big sale on its paid titles. Players can expect discounts of 40 to 70 percent on the titles. Deals in the store usually start when they are posted and stay valid until the following Tuesday so it is important that players get the deals as soon as possible so they don't miss out.

PlayStation Lifestyle said that there are dozens of games available and include some of the best games released in 2017. Many of the titles are remastered versions and include complete collections like "Call of Duty," and the "Revenant Saga." Others like "Persona 5" and "NeuroVolder" are available. Also, find out the previous updates and releases that are available for the PS4. Sony frequently removes games from the store so it is important to download the latest free releases when they are available.