It appears that 2K Games has been paying attention to the fans’ feedback it received for NBA 2K18,” the latest iteration in the NBA 2K series freshly released in mid-September. The game publisher confirmed that a new patch is on its way to address the prevalent issues that have continually plagued the game until now.

According to the latest report from Forbes, a 2K representative confirmed via email that one the upcoming patches will resolve a specific issue with MyGM and MyLeague.

MyGM and MyLeague bug

Supposedly, one of many features in the two modes allow fans to get rid of duplicates from their base roster.

However, a problem occurs when they are using players from Classic, All-Time as well as current teams. It is unfortunate that this feature failed to function correctly. Instead, it caused both filters to delete most of the elite stars in the player pool.

But 2K Games said that a new update will be finally out soon to fix this bug. Other tweaks will plausibly arrive for these particular modes and other remedies to sort out other issues in “NBA 2K18.”

Other issues

There are also other issues that still need to be fixed too. One of the problems is the offline create-a-player feature, which saw a notable downgrade in the new game. Because of this, a lot of content creators in the gaming community asked the game developer to bring an improvement to this aspect of the game.

A few days post-launch, a 2K representative was quoted as saying that the team can’t patch the old system back into 2K18. However, it is working on possible additions into the next update.

On top of this issue, players also frequently encounter a variety of problems involving mode stability within The Neighborhood.

Xbox One update out now

Speaking of new updates, 2K Games announced on Twitter that a new Xbox One patch is available now for download. It is aimed at improving the stability of MyCareer mode.

Unfortunately, the developer did not release the full patch notes yet to reveal the various tweaks that also come with the latest update.

It's unknown for now whether the same update will also be available for the PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch soon.

Kyrie Irving cover update

Last week, the game publisher finally resolved the outdated cover issue showing NBA superstar Kyrie Irving still wearing his old Cleveland Cavaliers jersey. 2K Games provided players with a link to download and print a new insert that shows Irving sporting his Boston Celtics uniform.

While some expressed their delight that the outdated "NBA 2K18" cover was properly addressed, there are still a lot of players who are furious about a broken game. From the looks of it, Visual Concepts is indeed working on these fixes.