Earlier this week, "Pokemon GO" fans were excited to find out that there will be a new Halloween event that will deliver spooky treats to the reality augmented game. The post indicated that "Plenty of good stuff is coming to the game later this October, and we can't wait to get out and about to see what sort of excitement we can scare up while catching new Pokémon to fill out our Pokédex." Interestingly, the post read that players will be "catching new Pokemon," which may be indicative that Nintendo is set to release monsters from Generation 3 of the game.

But which exact monsters will players get to see when the Halloween event launches?

English announcement indicates 'new Pokemon'

As Polygon pointed out, only the English version of the announcement posted on pokemon.com has the terms "new Pokemon" written on it. In fact, the Spanish-language site does not indicate that there will be "new Pokemon" to catch in the Halloween event of "Pokemon GO." Of course, the addition of Generation 3 monsters to the game during the event remains to be speculation from die-hard fans of the franchise and of the game. For now, most are still waiting for an official announcement on whether or not Niantic is interested or will definitely release new characters to the game.

New updates include support for Generation 3 monsters

Another clue that points to the addition of Generation 3 monsters to "Pokemon GO" once the Halloween event launches has been data mined by some fans. According to Digital Trends, the latest update for the game actually includes some "preliminary support" for Generation 3 Pokemon monsters, which may imply that these monsters are coming very soon, possibly during the Halloween update of the augmented reality game.

Remembering last year's event

During the "Pokemon GO" Halloween event last year, players saw the addition of Ghost Pokemon, including Gengar, Ghastly, and Haunter. If Niantic decides to add Generation 3 monsters to this season's new update, players will finally get to catch Ghost monsters like Shuppet, Banette, Mega Banette, Dusclops, and Duskull.

In fact, if Niantic does add Generation 3 Pokemon, players may also get to hunt down Houndoor and Houndoom. This season, players are expecting to get their hands on several Candy multipliers as well as other Halloween-themed treats. "Pokemon GO" was first launched in July 2016 and is now playable on both iOS and Android devices.