The changes that “Overwatch” players have observed in Lucio is just a bug on the Public Test Realm. Game director clarified the issue in response to the player asking about the changes he noticed on the wall-jumping character. Since it was officially launched, Blizzard’s popular first-person shooter title has been dealing with a lot of bugs and glitches. Fortunately, the community, aside from being vocal is also helpful that they report issues they encountered in the game. This aid the developer to easily spot the root cause and release a fix.

Lucio bug

In the “Overwatchofficial forum, a user named Meowcenary asked the community if they have noticed that Lucio’s Wall Jump speed boost is removed. The user said that it seems the developer did not nerf the character’s ability but removed it. The post was answered by several users who have also noticed the changes.

Several days ago, the game developer released the patchnotes for the minor tweaks they have made to the support hero Mercy. Since players were not able to find that there are changes made to Lucio in the patchnotes, they started raising the issue for the developer’s attention.

Fortunately, Jeff Kaplan responded to Meowcenary’s query. According to the game director, the recent change that players have noticed with Lucio especially with the removal of his speed boost in the Wall Jump is just a bug.

His reply calmed the players who love Lucio since there is nothing to get worried about the wall-jumping hero. The game’s upcoming Patch 1.16 is currently on the game’s Public Test Realm and will be released to the live servers on October 10.

Halloween event

Meanwhile, the game’s principal designer Geoff Goodman has already confirmed that the Halloween event will be launched along with the release of Patch 1.16.

The event was announced several days ago with Blizzard not giving out any details. However, fans are already speculating that the game could introduce new legendary skins for some of its characters. They are also looking forward to the return of Dr. Junkenstein as part of Junkenstien’s Revenge.

A few days ago, alleged Halloween event skins of Zenyatta, Symmetra, Mei, and Reaper surfaced online.

It appears that the advertisement of the game’s upcoming event was uploaded on the social networking site, Facebook ahead of schedule.

During the Summer Games 2017, Blizzard reintroduced the skins from 2016’s summer event and offered it at a much lower price. “Overwatch” players are also hoping that Blizzard would bring last year’s Halloween event skins back and offer it at a discounted price.