The next “Overwatch” update named as Patch 1.16 is currently in the game’s Public Test Realm. The upcoming patch contains several heroes’ balance changes, minor fixes and some tweaks in the game’s IU. In addition, the update will also roll out a massive change in the way Ultimates are cast in the popular first-person shooter game. Heroes like Mercy, Genji, D.Va, Tracer, and Lucio will receive the latest balance changes in Patch 1.16.

Hero changes

A few days ago, Blizzard revealed several changes it has made to the support “Overwatch” hero Mercy.

Also, several fans are reporting about observing few changes on D.Va, Genji, and allegedly to Tracer. Other players claim to see nerfs on the Rip-Tire of Junkrat, and the Wallriding of Lucio, which appears to no longer get a speed boost.

D.Va has received changes for her Booster. Players can now hold down the boost button instead of using the default toggle method. When the player releases the button, her Booster will end. This new option can be found on the Controls tab in the Options. Genji’s Dragonblade has also received some tweaks. The Stun attack that used to hit the hero during his Dragonbalade casting animation will no longer interrupt the cast. The same thing applies to the Ultimates of Bastion, Soldier 76, and Winston.

Apart from those, players have noticed that the speed boost that Lucio receives from his Wallriding ability was nerfed. The game developer does not yet confirm this. However, there are several videos online showing the drastic impact of this change in his mobility. Mercy has received a new minor tweak in her Valkyrie. Blizzard has made her new Ultimate unable to reset or lower the cooldown of her Resurrect.

Players also noticed changes in Tracer’s Blink. On the game’s official forum, a user named krumbino shared that Tracer’s Blink animation has seen some change. While Blinking, the player can see the character traveling through space, giving the player the sense of destination. It also allegedly gives Blink the feel that it has become a little bit slower.

Ultimate Ability Changes

Aside from the hero changes mentioned, the upcoming Patch 1.16 has also made a tweak in the Ultimate ability of the heroes in the game. Now, when the player cast the character’s Ultimate, its charge will be immediately depleted instead of being drained over a period.

Before the patch, when a player is killed while casting the Ult, there is at least a partial charge left after a respawn. However, with the new update, activating Ult will spend all of the player’s charge, even if the player gets killed while still casting.

Release date

The upcoming “Overwatch” Patch 1.16 will be released along with the Halloween event on October 10. The information was recently confirmed by the game's principal designer Geoff Goodman.