When “Destiny 2” was launched on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, there were several fans expecting that the game developer would introduce something that would pull the players back after completing the game. After the release of the Prestige Difficulty of the Leviathan Raid and the Iron Banner, the game developer announced more details about the Seasons. In addition, it appears that Bungie has a new set of rituals that it plans to use within the shared multi-shooter title and will be implemented next year. This brand new feature is called Clarion Call.

Upcoming feature

The upcoming feature in “Destiny 2” is dubbed as Clarion Call.

This is comprised of events that will assign players with a variety of objectives every time it pops up. Every time an objective is successfully completed, the players will receive a reward. The announcement of this upcoming feature happened recently, during Bungie’s TwitchCon.

Other details

For its first event, Clarion Call will ask players to perform the assigned activities alongside a clan mate. As a reward, players will get Double XP. While double XP is not that exciting to some players, since most have already reached the Level Cap, it can help them get Bright Engrams, which could contain vital items essential in playing the shared multi-shooter game.

So far, there is no information as to when the first Clarion Call event will take place.

Players are expecting that it might happen at the end of the game’s first season, which just recently went live. The game’s second season is scheduled to happen in December. That leaves the players a potential November start date for the new and much-awaited event.

In Bungie’s second game installment, Bright Engrams and new items are refreshed but also retired when it ends.

Some players believe that one of the purposes for the Clarion Calls is to be a venue where players can increase their Bright Engrams. It is also a potential way to get the items that they were not able to earn from the game’s first Season.

Players’ participation

According to the game developer, the Clarion call events will not always entail collaboration of players within the same clan.

The clan mate participation is just a part of the task included in the first event. Bungie did not also reveal when the events will happen. However, they previously promised that it be an ongoing activity that will be made available every now and then.

Destiny 2” is currently available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. PC users can get their hands on the shared multi-shooter title and its plethora of activities starting October 24.