A week ago, “Destiny 2” welcomed the Iron Lord back in the Tower to officially kick off the first Iron Banner event. Lord Saladin enticed Guardians with loot that included the much-coveted armor sets which give players a Samurai aesthetic. Meanwhile, the weapons rewarded by the event were hardly worth grinding for, according to most players. The current reward system also made it difficult for everyone to earn all the rewards in such a limited time. Players were obviously upset and voiced their opinions in the official forums for the sequel.

Iron Banner improvements in ‘Destiny 2’ Season 2, says Bungie

Just recently, Bungie held a panel discussion at TwitchCon, which allowed the developer to talk more about their plans for the sequel. It was revealed that “Destiny 2” will have four seasons within its first year. Season 2 is expected to drop sometime in December most likely along with their first DLC expansion and more. Moreover, they confirmed that there will be another Iron Banner event and Faction Rally event to allow PC gamers to experience these activities.

Additionally, the dev confirms that Lord Saladin will still require Guardians to turn in their tokens, but this time the NPC might offer several exclusive items in exchange for the coins.

It’s obviously the much better than relying on the RNG system for the luck of the draw. Another option being considered is to allow players to purchase these items using their Legendary shards. However, this is not yet final and might change in the future.

Destiny 2 Iron Banner reward system

Longtime fans of the sci-fi shooter can recall that the first installment was both challenging and rewarding at the same time.

Power level was taken into consideration and each match usually ended with some random gear prizes. It’s a far cry from the current setup used by the sequel. A Reddit user called moako even researched the total time and effort needed to complete everything the event offers. The results were surprisingly discouraging, which reportedly angered some players.

Changing for the better

It’s highly unlikely that the proposed changes will be applied to the next Iron Banner event, which is expected to go live next month. Bungie clearly noted that significant changes to the game’s gameplay and reward system will happen in Season 2. Guardians who want to complete all the gear will have to put in some extra effort for now.