The much-awaited “Pokemon GoHalloween event kicked off recently. During this event, players will find the increased number of creatures like Houndour, Cubone, Gastly, and Cubone among others. In addition, the event introduced five new Gen 3 Ghost-type pocket monsters. These creatures were first introduced in the Hoenn region and the latest event will be their first-ever appearance in the popular augmented reality game. The creatures available in this event include Sableye, Duskull, and Shuppet that some players have already caught in the onset of the event.

However, it appears that players should prepare themselves because two of these five creatures seem to be only available at night.

Night time monsters

The highly anticipated release of the Gen 3 pocket monsters in “Pokemon Go” is finally happening. Interestingly, players have noticed that a couple of these Ghost-type Gen 3 monsters are extraordinarily rare. These pocket monsters are Banette and Dusclops. According to the players of the popular augmented reality game, they have noticed that Dusclops and Banette spawn frequently between 8 PM and 9 AM.

Although there are several claims that they were able to spot these creatures in the daytime, the incidents are very rare. In fact, during daytime Dusclops and Banette spawn at a rate similar to that of Unown.

For those who are not available to go out at night and catch these nocturnal creatures, there is another way to catch the monsters. Players simply need to capture eight Duskull or Shuppet to evolve them.


Players can enjoy a variety of offers from the developer during the Halloween event. This includes 2X Candy rewards from transferring, hatching, and catching pocket monsters.

Players’ Buddy can find Candy 2x faster than other players. Apart from this, players can also avail of the free Mimikyu’s Disguise hat for free.

In addition, a Pikachu wearing a Witch hat is also available during the Halloween event. Extraordinarily rare Shiny Sableye can also be caught during the event. Players can drop at the in-game store that offers huge discounts and bundled items.

To top it all, special in-game boxes are available that features Super Incubator and Raid Pass. The Super Incubator is very helpful as it makes the hatching process 1.5 times faster.

The Halloween event is scheduled to start at 12 PM Pacific Daylight Time and will run until 1 PM Pacific Daylight Time on November 2. “Pokemon Go” is currently available on iOS and Android devices.